Encouraging older Australians
to be healthier, happier
and more physically active
This practical and holistic healthy ageing program is designed to educate, motivate and connect people in the 60+ age group. Get Involved

The program is based on the latest quality scientific evidence and encourages older Australians to adopt new behaviours that enable them to live independently for as long as possible.

Key Takeouts

  • Staying mentally well
  • Being physically strong
  • Staying socially connected

Just Launched: Flexible Options

  • Available face to face
  • Available via video groups
  • Available remotely

Run by health professionals, the program consists of 7 small group facilitated sessions, each lasting approximately 1.5 hrs.

Each session focuses on a different health topic and includes theory, practical and engaging activities in the following areas:

Physical activity – incorporating regular strength, balance, cardio and weight-bearing exercise into the regular schedule

Fall prevention – practical tips to reduce risks of a fall or accident at home

Nutrition – sharing the science and recommended guidelines for calcium, protein, fibre and a healthy, delicious diet as we get older

Cognition – strategies to stay cognitively active and mentally sharp

Behaviour change – underpinned by Michie’s behaviour change approach to encourage participants to maintain achievable and sustainable long-term changes


Organisations are being proactive…

this is how you can start helping older people today!

This practical ready to go program is easy to roll out to quickly support older people in your network or community. 

  • Consumer friendly resources fully developed including 36-page participant booklet
  • Easily measurable including pre and post evaluation
  • Track record of success in community settings, with local councils and with private clinics
  • Referenced and based on well-respected academic research 
  • Adaptable format – available face to face, online or remote.

To find out how you can offer 60+ and Active to your community, complete the form below. It’s so easy.

Are we supporting older Australians well enough?

of older people report symptoms of stress and anxiety

of Australians aged over 75 do not meet Australian government recommendations for physical activity


of older Australians do not eat recommended amount of fruit and vegetables

of Australians aged 65 and over are overweight or obese

older Australians report feeling isolated (pre-COVID, likely to be significantly higher now)

* Sources: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare; Australian Bureau of Statistics 


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